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HK Most Valuable Companies Award
Hong Kong's most proactive local and foreign companies step upstage to be honoured with the Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Trophy of Excellence. Thanks again for the nomination from Mediazone Group 2014.

Disclaimer: Fraudulent E-mails
It has been brought to our attention that unknown persons or organisations are sending fraudulent emails that appear to be from AsiaBusiness.


Hong Kong Employment Visa
For the purpose of employment in Hong Kong, AsiaBusiness provide Hong Kong Employment Visa Application service for all non-Hong Kong residents wanting to work in Hong Kong.


HK Companies - Business Registration Fee HKD 250 from April - 1, 2016
The rate of the Business Registration Certificate (BRC) is HKD 250 per annum with effect from April - 1, 2016.

Summary of Hong Kong 2015/16 Budget
Major highlights of Hong Kong 2015/16 Budget.

HK Companies - Business Registration Fee HKD 2,250 from April - 1, 2014
The rate of the Business Registration Certificate (BRC) is HKD 2,250 per annum with effect from April - 1, 2014.

Enhanced security for ATM services effective from 1st March 2013
To strengthen security controls. All magnetic stripe ATM cards will be replaced by ATM chip cards.


How To Easily Start An Offshore Company Outside Hong Kong

Starting a new company in a country you have never lived in is difficult. But if you have reliable and robust support, you can form a new company in countries such as China, Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Seychelles and Marshal Islands. If you are interested in offshore company formation, in any of the above-mentioned regions, consult AsiaBusiness or visit www.asiabs.com today.

Under company formation, AsiaBusiness deals with opening limited companies within its home country, Hong Kong. You are welcome to read a FAQ section about Hong Kong business set ups. Ideally, their representative will do the company registration process on your behalf and let you save a lot of time and money. AsiaBusiness has a direct link to China, the global business hub.

It can help with China company formation through its representative office. Issues such as Chinese bookkeeping, accounts reporting, tax declaration and consultation on all matters of accounting will be dealt with. Do you need an off-shore company, particularly, in British Virgin Islands? AsiaBusiness is ready to serve you.

Offshore company formation requires not only large sums of money but also factual information about the country. AsiaBusiness has representative offices in BVI, Seychelles, Marshal Islands and all the other offshore regions we have mentioned above. It knows how to deal with government authorities in all these countries. It is a rare gem that you cannot do without.