Accounting + Audit
Accounting + Audit + Tax Filing
  • By the time we received the tax return request, we'll advise you and ask you questions about company operation;
  • One of the most important point to establish whether your company has operation in HK;
  • If your company has no business commence yet, we can try to do a "Nil tax filing" for you;
  • However, client always has the duty to keep accounting record;
  • HK government may raise sample check or ask for ordinary filing when there is contradictory information in their record.
Brief factors to consider whether income derived in HK include :
  • any office in HK ? (not register address);
  • any staff in HK ?
  • any buyer in HK ?
  • any supplier in HK ?
  • any product goes into HK ?
If reply to above are NO, then client can claim for tax exemption.
  • No matter which method to do the tax filing, a HK register company should always maintain proper record of income and expenses - in order to comply with legal requirement;
What to do before such filing request
  • please keep all business record - about income and expenses;
  • including all bank statement;
  • after we advised you and collected basic info, we’ll confirm whether need to send doc to us;
"Nil tax filing" procedure
  • sign below and send back to us
    • tax return;
    • tax representative authorization,