Example - Walk-Through document

This is a collection of all documents (for a typical business transaction) to show how the business is carried out.

All document shows none of the activity is carried out in Hong Kong.

  1. [ With Customer ] Negotiation with new customer - by USA Marketing Manager with USA customer
    • email message printout;
    • customer visit record;
  2. [ With Customer ] Conclusion of customer order
    • email message printout;
    • courier receipt of signed order from customer;
    • a copy of the sales contract;
  3. [ With Customer ] Receiving downpayment from customer - received by Finance Manager
    • email message printout - showing money transfer receipt;
  4. [ With Supplier ] Negotiation with supplier - by Shanghai Procurement Manager with China supplier
    • email message printout
    • supplier factory visit record;
  5. [ With Supplier ] Conclusion of order to supplier
    • email message printout;
    • courier receipt of signed order to supplier;
    • a copy of the supplier contract;
  6. [ With Supplier ] Paying downpayment to supplier - by Finance Manager to supplier
    • email message to send money transfer info to supplier;
    • online banking instruction printout to arrange money transfer;
  7. [ With Supplier ] Quality check of products - by QC Manager
    • factory visit quality check record;
  8. [ With Shipping Company ] Concluding shipping order = by Shipping Manager
    • email message to place the order;
    • job order confirmation from shipping company;
  9. [ With Supplier ] Sending Packing List, Proforma Invoice, Quality Check Certificate and Bill of Lading to customer - by Shanghai Procurement Manager
    • courier order to FedEx;
  10. [ With Customer ] Receiving final payment
    • money receipt advice from bank.