Standard Chartered SME Index in First Quarter 2013

A survey is conducted by Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) released to the public and SMEs to understand the upcoming business climate.

Keys of the survey below:

  1. Index in Q1 2013 is close to the 50.0 no-change mark (Note1) implied that the SMEs’ sentiments have improved;
  2. The Retail Industry Sub-Index exceeded the 50.0 no-change mark;
  3. The Sub-Indices of both manufacturing industry and the import/export trade and wholesale industry are below the 50.0 no-change mark;
  4. Majority of respondents expect the major cost components (e.g. raw material, staff salary, rent expenses) to rise for this quarter;
  5. The government has to offer:
    • Tax relief or tax credit (25% of respondents);
    • A better control of the property market (20% of respondents); and
    • Need government’s support in financing and loan guarantee (17% of respondents).

Note1: 50.0 no-change mark indicates neutral business sentiment.


Hong Kong Productivity Council (2013) Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Report [Online Image] [Accessed 15 January 2013]

Hong Kong Business (2013) Hong Kong SME business index up for the second quarter in a row [WWW] Hong Kong Business [Accessed 15 January 2013]

Report: Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Report (Q12013)



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