AsiaBusiness “Heart-to-Heart” Volunteers

“Our Spirit, Our Commitment”

AsiaBusiness is commited to being a responsible corporate citizen to creat a positive impact and value in the community, focusing on the social contribution through charity networks in recent years. In September 2011, AsiaBusiness had developed a volunteery team to participate various charitable activities and programmes in a regular basis, for example fundraising events, elder-care, Hong Kong Marathon Charity Programmes, emergency relief, visiting underprivileged urbans in China and etc.

Yellow House (Registration no. under s88: CP/LIC/SO/19/26541)

"No Child Without Life's Essential"

Established in 2002, Yellow House is a registered charity organisation in Hong Kong. We provide various services for poor rural people of Mainland China as well as self-development programmes for Hong Kong younsters.

The Beliefs

  •   Education can change the fate of children in poverty that they can have the opportunity to grow healthy to get rid of the pain of poverty;
  •   "Love", the key to unlock this world;
  •   Hopes and resources for people without life's essentials.

Sowers Action (Tax Exemption No.: 91/3859)

Registered in Hong Kong in 1992 as a non-lucrative charity organization having no religious or political affinity. The significance of its name is, while seeds and seedlings that need to be sown and nurtured refer to children, sowers naturally refer to those who sow the seeds and nurture the seedlings by providing them with assistance. Through concrete action, such as financing the re-construction of dangerous school buildings and planning the upgrade of teachers’ quality and ability, the sowers endeavor to help children of China’s impoverished mountainous regions to resume schooling by creating for them a save environment for studying.