Avoid disclosing supplier information - protecting trading business


  1. Mr. A originally sourcing from China company (C Ltd) and selling to his client in Egypt (E Ltd);
  2. Goods shipping directly from china supplier C Ltd to E Ltd;
  3. E Ltd found C Ltd on the bill of lading and deal with C Ltd directly in future;
  4. Mr. A lost his client.

New arrangement

  1. Mr. A setup a Hong Kong Company (H Ltd);
  2. H Ltd becomes the middle trading company - buying from China and selling to Egypt;
  3. Goods still shipping directly from China to Egypt;
  4. Shipping document send to Hong Kong (H Ltd or it's representative) to :
    •  Change "Certificate of Origin" (CO) issued country
    •  Change "Bill of Lading" (B/L) via Hong Kong office of the China shipping company
    •  Arrange certification of invoices, packing list etc. documents by trade consul or embassy of Egypt.
  5. New shipping document send to E Ltd.


  •  Hide sourcing information to avoid client directly deal with supplier.