Formation Requirement

Company Name

  •   English name; or
  •   Both English and Chinese name.
    Chinese name extra fee USD 100 waived for incorporation.

Shareholder(s) and Director(s)

  •   No nationality restriction;
  •   Minimum one shareholder and one director;
    Shareholder and director can be same entity.
  •   Corporate shareholder and director is acceptable; and
  •   A copy of passport and residential address proof are required for company registration.

Company Secretary and Registered Address

  •   A registered address is required in BVI;
    Included in our service package and annual renewal fee.
  •   A correspondence address is required; and
    If join our Correspondence Address parking service, this information is no need to provide.
  •   Client should maintain an alternative address for operation; and
  •   Company secretary is optional under BVI regulation.

Capital Requirement

  •   Minimum 1 share to be issued (equivalent to USD1);
  •   Par value per share are normally USD1; and
  •   Standard number of shares is 50,000 shares.
    Aadditional setup and renewal fee applies if exceed 50,000 shares.



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Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies Award 2014

Hong Kong's most proactive local and foreign companies setp upstage to be honoured with the Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Trophy of Excellence. Thanks again for the nomination from Mediazone Group 2014.


Most effective and efficient banking system in the world.
Enchance the efficiency of your business operation.

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A part of China and ranked the world's third largest financial centre, with simple tax system and well-found banking facilities.

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AsiaBusiness can help to arrange certification of some company registration document, ID document or trading document.

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HK as import and export hub of the world, AsiaBusiness provides you a cost efficient, effective and reliable choice.

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