Annual Maintenance

To maintain Cayman Islands government annual charges and renew our annual parking services before due date.

Annual Renewal

Cayman Islands Company
  •   for standard USD 50,000
  •   Hong Kong Correspondence Address Parking
USD 2,900

AsiaBusiness will send reminder to clients and help to arrange the renewal matter.

License renewal due date AsiaBusiness Reminder
Every year on November - 15th Every year on September - 1st

Penalty case example

For authorized capital not exceed USD 50,000

Renewal overdue Penalty Renew Fee + Penalty
Within 30 days USD 285 USD 3,185
Over 30 days but not more than 60 days USD 570 USD 3,470
Over 60 days but not more than 90 days USD 855 USD 3,755
Over 90 days please contact us -
As long as the Cayman Islands company is not carrying on business in Hong Kong, there is no duty of reporting or registration to Hong Kong government departments.
Closing a Cayman Islands company

There are two ways a Cayman Islands company can be closed:

  •   Formal liquidation; or
  •   Striking-off the Companies Register

Formal liquidation

For below conditions, placing the company into voluntary liquidation and appointing a liquidator to wind up the business is the preferred choice.

  •   The company has been active;
  •   With outstanding assets;
  •   With outstanding liabilities;
  •   Directors wish to have a proper discharge from their duties.

Striking-off the Companies Register

If the shareholders and directors are satisfied there are:

  •   No assets remaining in the company;
  •   No liabilities remaining in the company;
  •   The company has not been considered an active business.

Shareholders and Directors can request the company be struck from the Register.



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