Company Formation

    China WFOE

    Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise

Company tax

Tax obligation of WFOE below:

  •  Enterprise Income Tax – Standard rate of 25%

Sales Tax (78% of Chinese Tax Revenue) includes:

  •  Business Tax (BT) – Ranges from 3% - 5%
  •  Value Added Tax (VAT)
  •  Consumption Tax

Foreign and local staff's Individual Income Tax (IIT) and etc.

Reference Link: State Administration of Taxation of The People’s Republic of China

Setup fee and maintenance

The following factors determine the setup cost for starting business in China:

  •  Enterprise Type
  •  Business Location
  •  Business Licence(s) if any
  •  Other Services, e.g. Working permission and Visa, HR Supports and etc.

Please select the type of WFOE below for general quotation:

  •  Consultancy
  •  Wholesale
  •  Retailer
  •  Manufacturing



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