Why Hong Kong Company?

Best Path to China

  •   Prime location at the geographical of China;
  •   CEPA and lower withholding tax for dividend and royalty in china.

Well-found Banking Facilities

  •   Convenience internet banking system;
  •   No foreign exchange control.

Very-well Business Environment

  •   No restriction on business scope;
  •   World-class infrastructure and good supply of high quality manpower.

Simple Tax System

  •   No VAT, capital gain tax and withholding tax;
  •   Non-HK source tax exemption.
Key Corporate Features
General Information
Political Stability Very Good
Type of Company Limited
Legal System Common Law + Basic Law
Corporate Requirement
Minimum Number of Shareholders 1
Minimum Number of Directors 1
Registered Address Yes
Company Secretary Yes
Corporate Tax 16.5%
Filing of Annual Return Yes
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Public Disclosure
Beneficiary Owner(s) No
Filings Shareholder(s) Yes
Filings Director(s) Yes

Get A Readily Opened Hong Kong Company For A Big Discount

Hong Kong is the doorway to the globally recognized Chinese market. We, AsiaBusiness, are pleased to help you start and run a business in Hong Kong. Having helped thousands start their own international businesses not only here in Hong Kong, since 2003, we understand the concept of company incorporation so well.

By getting a readily incorporated business from us, you will not get a government business registration (BR) certificate. This will save you around two thousand Hong Kong dollars. We will simplify your company setup HK process by having our staff deal with the government authorities on your behalf. As long as you play your role we shall help with opening new business bank accounts.

Even if some accounts can be opened in HK, there are offshore accounts that are set up in far away cities and islands. We can open and run those accounts on your behalf. As a trusted name in company incorporation sector, you can trust us to run your affairs with integrity. Our distinguished company secretary will give you expert services with regard to all sorts of statutory filing including restructuring or exiting your company operations.

We will also organize tax consultations; help with corporate tax filing and filling offshore business taxes. Accounting is also part of our company set up HK procedure. Accounting is the backbone of any business and AsiaBusiness is ready to give you accounting and bookkeeping services. We will also do end year accounting tasks such as auditing and preparation of financial statements for easier tax filing.



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Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies Award 2014

Hong Kong's most proactive local and foreign companies setp upstage to be honoured with the Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Trophy of Excellence. Thanks again for the nomination from Mediazone Group 2014.


Most effective and efficient banking system in the world.
Enchance the efficiency of your business operation.

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Under Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, AsiaBusiness provides professional company secretarial services for all statutory filing.

  •   AsiaBusiness Parking Services
  •   Company Restructuring
  •   "Business-exit" Services


Our professional team will assist clients about minimization and etc. that improve your business in more cost-effective way.

  •   Tax Arrangement and Consultation
  •   Corporate Tax Filing Services
  •   Tax Related to Offshore Operation


Unfamiliar with Hong Kong financial reporting framework and requirement? Our AsiaBusiness’s manpower will help you to tackle your challenges.

  •   Full-set of Accounting Books
  •   Bookkeeping Services
  •   Annual Audit Arrangement