Registered Address Parking Service

By Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Chapter 622 Section 658, every Hong Kong registered company must have a registered address for maintaining statutory records of the company and receipt of acknowledging government's correspondence.


Registered Address

Annual Parking Service
  •   Registered Address for registration purpose
  •   Receive mail from the government
  •   Advice on registered address matters
HKD 1,200

* We charge separately on all other works that we have to do in the capacity of your Registered Address. Please refer to job basis services for the charge on each kind of service.

Mail Handling
  •   We keep mails received for 1 month only; and
  •   We strongly suggest client to give standing instruction - forwarding mails once every 2 weeks or every month.
Goods handling
  •   We don't handle goods and parcels for clients - for insurance, security and also administrative reason.

Duties of clients

To engage our quality Parking Services, please ensure the followings:

  •   Maintain another address for actual business operation;
  •   Give us standard mail handling instruction; and
  •   Use virtual office for phone / fax no. service to ensure your clients can get contact directly with you.

Registered Address Services List

Service charging on job basis (AFTER Incorporation)
To avoid unnecessary bank charges, it is strongly recommended clients put some deposit to us for future use. (e.g.: HKD 200 or HKD 500, etc.)

Mail Handling
Scan Service : Every 1 to 10 sheets, and send to client appointed email account. HKD 20
Scan Service : Every 11 to 20 sheets, and send to client appointed email account. HKD 40
  •   For more than 20 sheets, we will arrange transfer documents to client via international courier.
  •   Minimum service fee per transaction is HKD 20.
  •   Total payable by client for each transaction is Cost + 40% (Minimum is Cost + HKD 20).
Cost + 40%



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