Hong Kong - Employment Contract
Employment contract in Hong KongMPF contribution (Mandatory Provident Fund)
  • Both employer and employee needs to contribute MPF ;
  • For detail, please refer to Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority - FAQS ;
  • Generally
    1. Employer and employee each needs to contribute 5% to the fund ;
    2. Employee contribution - each month, employer needs to deduct 5% from salary amount and move it to the fund ;
    3. Employer contribution - each month, employer needs to contribute another 5% to the fund ;
Employee insurance
  • This is optional in Hong Kong to provide medical or life insurance to employee;
Office and Labor insurance
  • This is compulsory – if you start operation office in Hong Kong;

If you have Hong Kong bank account, banker can quote the fee to you and help you setup this;