Certified True Copies

For different reason, company owner may request Certified True Copy or Certification of some company registration document, ID document or trading document.

Notarization by Hong Kong Notary Public

Common Notary Tasks arranged by AsiaBusiness are:

  •   Preparing and witnessing powers of attorney for commercial use; and
  •   Company commercial and business documents.

Please noted that all notaries public are qualified solicitors and in performing their general legal work as a solicitor are subject to the regulation of The Law Society of Hong Kong. Legal advice and case assessment are required prior to any investment decisions.

For more information, please contact our Corporate Service Manager.
Apostille by Hong Kong High Court

Almost, to open a bank account in a foreign country, clients must order a set of documents with apostille. Apostille means the court will certify a true copy and deposit a red ribbon to attach all pages. Please noted that documents for apostille in Hong Kong is according to Hague Convention requirement.

For more information, please contact our Corporate Service Manager.
China Attestation (Commercial Documents) by China-appointed Attesting Officer

When it is required to provide documentary evidence to prove the authenticity and legality of some acts, matters and documents of legal significance occurring in or originating from Hong Kong to facilitate the business activities (e.g. WFOE) in Mainland China, China attestation service is to prepare and attest the documents for use in China, including commercial documents, attestation of company status, power of attorneys, and etc. in China.

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