To recognize the importance of Hong Kong as import and export hub of the world, our trading support service is definitely a cost efficient, effective and reliable choice.

In its simplest form, an exporter required an importer to prepay for goods shipped. The buyer wants to reduce risk by requesting the exporter to document that the goods have been shipped. The buyer’s bank assists by providing a Letter of Credit (L/C) to exporter (or the exporter’s bank) providing for payment upon presentation of certain documents, such as Certificate of Origin (CO), Bill of Lading and etc.

Our professional team in Hong Kong office also works closely with our China office to deliver trading support service. Below services can be engaged independently or together with our services performed in China.

Service includes:

Shipping and banking document handling

Acts as co-ordinator to receive shipping document, invoices, packing list or signed banking form (collection order etc.).

Logistics Document Handling

Shipping and air-bill documents are so complicated but important that client should leave this to professionals. We can take care of these documents to avoid delay in goods delivery. Being professional accountants, we understand the delay in completion of transaction is fatal in fund flow control.

Banking Document Handling

To give opinion on better L/C terms to protect client's interest.

Documents requirement
  •   Make sure the China shipping company in Hong Kong have agent or representative;
  •   Original Bill of Lading (China) [ Sample ];
  •   Supplier commercial invoice [ Sample ] / Packing List;
  •   Client new commercial invoice [ Sample ] / Packing list.



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