Hong Kong Visa Applications

We are pleased to announce that Asia Business Service Limited now offers the following Hong Kong Visa application services:

  •   Employment as Professionals
  •   Extension of Stay
Prerequisite Conditions
  •   The employer is a Hong Kong company with physical business operation and office in Hong Kong (i.e. not application to Hong Kong company who claimed offshore status to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department);
  •   There is at least 1 set of latest period audited financial statement available;
  •   There is an employer-employee relationship (i.e. not applicable to individual who is a shareholder/sole director).

Please also find the below prerequisite documents and fee tables for your information:-

General documents required

Employment as Professionals

  •   Application forms;
  •   Travel documents (e.g. passport);
  •   Employment supporting documents (e.g. employment contract);
  •   Academic records & proof of professional qualifications awarded;
  •   Other documents upon request by the Hong Kong Immigration Department ("the Immigration").


Extension of stay

  •   Application forms;
  •   Travel documents (e.g. passport);
  •   Other documents upon request by the Immigration.
General application procedures
  1. Contact us and fill in the Request Form;
  2. Receive preliminary advice from us in order to allow you to decide whether to kick-off the application;
  3. Prepare all necessary documents and submit to the Immigration;
  4. Wait for further queries from the Immigration (if any) and application result; and
  5. Receive the result issued by the Immigration.
Service Fees

Employment as Professionals

Type of individual Unit Price
Each employee HKD 25,000
Each accompanied dependant HKD 10,000


Extension of stay

Type of individual Unit Price
Each employee HKD 10,000
Each accompanied dependant HKD 5,000

*** The above quotation included the relevant government fees but excluded courier fee to send relevant document to client ***


Should you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us or via Email : Tax@AsiaBS.com.



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